Colors Cover


COLORS is my latest release (November 2014). The songs on this album are what I like to call “emotionally orchestrated.” Strange term, I know. Although the songs are piano driven (except for “Soaring”), they are interwoven with string and keyboard arrangements that bring on a whole new level of musical dimension. And this is how I love to compose! Learn More, Listen and Purchase…

Exit Reality

“One Life, One Love.” This song – track 8 on my first release entitled EXIT REALITY – started it all for me. It is a piano quintet (piano + string quartet) that I composed as a wedding gift for my wife. My plan was to take a surprise detour to the grand piano in the church just prior to the vow part. My wife had no idea (nor did anyone else, for that matter). Learn More, Listen and Purchase…

Road Trip

My second release, ROAD TRIP, is a bit of a departure from my piano themed compositions. Well, more than just a bit, actually. Maybe that’s why I used my middle name (Michael) instead of my last name (Otott). Learn More, Listen and Purchase…

Flying Machines

FLYING MACHINES is my most recent release (2011). I wanted to produce a CD that really went to the core of my musical innards, so to speak. Solo piano music. Learn More, Listen and Purchase…

Sheet Music

Buy the sheet music for individual songs – available as .pdf downloads.

NOW AVAILABLEEmerald Bay from John’s CD Flying Machines

Sheet music for John’s other titles will be added in the future…check back!