58th Annual Grammy Consideration – Best New Age Album

COLORS is my latest release (November 2014). The songs on this album are what I like to call “emotionally orchestrated.” Strange term, I know. Although the songs are piano driven (except for “Soaring”), they are interwoven with string and keyboard arrangements that bring on a whole new level of musical dimension. And this is how I love to compose!

There are a few songs that have very special meaning to me. So, taken directly from the CD’s liner notes:

The Wind Song – My 14 year old daughter (Isabella) plays many of the violin tracks on this song (she was 13 when I recorded her). This was the first time we have worked together on a song and I wrote some of the violin parts specifically for her to play. I am very proud of her and she is really excited to be on a CD and to have people hear her!!

A Memory – My mother has Alzheimer’s. This piece was not written with any thought towards song form or function. It is a direct conduit to the emotions I have felt during the last 6+ years as I have helplessly watched my mother deteriorate from the effects of this terrible disease. With this song, I attempt to convey the myriad of emotions I have experienced – sadness, incomprehension, hopefulness during brief periods when my mother seemed to “re-emerge,” anger and helplessness when she would then deteriorate to a new low. This piece is undoubtedly the purest metamorphosis of emotion into music that I have ever composed.

August and Life – I actually wrote this song 14 years ago in celebration of the birth of my daughter, Isabella (born 8/15/2000). I dug it out of my song archives and included it on this CD. It is a very special song to me.

I’m really happy with how this CD came out…with only one regret. I should have had my son play the drums on “Tesoro” and the percussion on “Santa Cruz” instead of me. He was eleven when I recorded COLORS and quite good…then both of my children could have been a part of this musical journey!

He’ll definitely be on my next CD!


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