Road Trip

My second release, ROAD TRIP, is a bit of a departure from my piano themed compositions. Well, more than just a bit, actually. Maybe that’s why I used my middle name (Michael) instead of my last name (Otott).

Truth is, when I released ROAD TRIP, I was thinking that “Otott” (oh-tawt) was a bit hard to pronounce (probably is). So I went with “Michael.” In hindsight it wasn’t the best decision, so with my third release (FLYING MACHINES) I went back to my last name. I figured if people like my music, they can pronounce my name however they want. I’ve heard it all…believe me, I’ve heard it all.

ROAD TRIP was quite fun to compose, record and produce. I was able to bring in some of my progressive rock background on several of the tracks (a bit more than I intended in some parts!). I totally enjoyed playing bass guitar (my other “main” instrument) as well as some electric guitar and percussion (and of course the piano/keys!).

Manutsh, a very talented acoustic guitar player and friend of mine, added a tasty flavor to a few of the tracks (most notably “Mondira”) with his ethnic/world feel.

ROAD TRIP was picked up by Sony/BMG and released in Taiwan.